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Out of the Box Healthcare and
Dr. Jeanette Gallagher

“Wow!  What is this site all about?  I am interested but have no clue what you do.”

I hear these words constantly about all the work I do in many venues and websites.  I understand it is so difficult for us to think there may be a ‘different’ way or an ‘unusual’ way to think.  We follow the rules and design our future based on the past.

What is it I do?  Listen, whole heartedly and open mindedI then provide options for you to explore as a potential solution for your concerns.   Nothing is out of bounds and all should be considered to find the answers you may be looking for.  Are you swimming with questions and issues; time to ask for help.

What do you do when everything you are thinking and trying to do does not work with the solutions you know?  Ah, think ‘out of the box’.  Yes, I do know, it is a tag word, it is in vogue these days, but did you ever really sit and think on that for a minute?

Life is new, nothing is following the past, all can be created into what YOU want to see and knowledge is moving at warp speed.  Do you have old encyclopedias in your home or office?  Take one out, read a topic you are interested in and then let me know what you find.  I can tell you what I found, the information was so rudimentary and basic that I cannot imagine being limited by print and the past.  We, as a people, have expanded our knowledge so fast that print and patterns of life are having a hard time keeping up.

In my life, I have had so many challenges with almost everything you can think of from family, kids, work, education, finances and redesigning myself.  The journey has not been easy.

In all steps of my life, no one stepped up to help, suggest options or be my mentor.  As a result, I DO know what it means to be stuck, frustrated, alone, brain depleted, penny poor and lost on the earth.

Now, I can help YOU!  No matter what personal, business or other issues you may be having adjusting to life that does not come with a directory of ample resources, we can work it out.  The answers are rarely in a book, a webinar or other people.  The answers are in you.

Guidance, support and help is here for the asking.  Contact me today to schedule your first session.  In person, telephone, Skype or other means are available to help you.  Take a leap, take chances.