‘Out of the Box’ Solutions for the Health of Your Body and Your Business

You know those things that go round in your head about your health, business or professional life?  Too many issues and too many choices yet nothing really gets done?

Well, here we are, open consulting discussions to give you ‘out of the box’ solutions to apply immediately!

Schedule a “Let’s Talk”  session today to talk about where you are stuck and how to improve your overall health, body, mind and spirit.

You have a financial consultant, a school adviser, an office manager and other support systems to help you make decisions, right?  But, who manages your health and life?  Who really sees you as an individual and puts your vision into practice? 

Healthcare is changing day to day:  rules and expectations are blowing in the wind never to return.  Where are you in that picture?

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, healthcare advocate, author, Naturopathic Physician and mother of four children, has helped many who are standing at the crossroads in their life.  When you have obstacles and take the treatment of least resistance or what brings the best results quickly, decision making may become random or misdirected.  Hitting a wall can be the difference between life and death both personally or professionally.  Dr. J. offers solutions which direct you to make more informed decisions with all the questions you may be facing.

Dr. Jeanette directs her work through active listening to what you are saying and formulating a personal plan that supports your vision of business or personal health.

Out of the Box Healthcare provides:

  • Personal and family healthcare plans designed to listen to you and help you fill in the blanks no matter what the issue is. From what kind of milk to buy to ‘I have a chronic disease, what next?’  Health concerns including:  wellness, caregiving, chronic illness, dental concerns, end of life support and intuitive plans to change your life when met with ‘hitting the wall’ circumstances
  • For Medical/dental healthcare providers: Patients leaving, staff changing every few months or old staff and a stagnant practice. We help you to look at your practices and see what may not be supporting your vision in this ever changing healthcare landscape
  • For Restaurants: Do you feel that the health craze is seriously impacting your business?  We help you evaluate where you are and where you would like to be and create a plan to implement those changes in your business
  • For Grocers: Incorporate organics, healthy, natural and ‘regular’ products into your store. We work you to provide a healthy and wholesome environment that will produce a welcoming experience for repeat customers

Don’t crumble when you hit the wall, pick up the crumbs and Dr. J will help you put the pieces back together in a puzzle that works.

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher NMDDr. Jeanette Gallagher NMD

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