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Don’t know where to turn and need a wellness manager-coach-advocate-advisor?

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  • Are you an avid reader of all health books?
  • You see all the new things on the TV and media and try them out?
  • You have recently been diagnosed with a medical issue you have no experience with?
  • Your body just seems to be ‘out of whack’ these days?
  • Do you Google everything about your every symptom before forming an opinion about what is wrong with you and the exact treatment and diagnosis?
  • Do you ask all your friends and family about what they do for their health?
  • Do you ever wonder why you are not in the place you want to be with your health? Why you cannot stick to something that you start? Why the instant results do not show for you with everything you try?
  • Do you have tons of jars, bottles, foods, creams and prescriptions all over the house? Have you spent tons of money on them? Have you resisted in disposing of them? Can you resist buying more of them?

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher’s Personal/Family Healthcare Consulting

The focus of Dr. Gallagher’s patient advocacy program is to provide information and enable you to take charge of your own healthcare, thereby decreasing a dependency on the current medical system to heal you. Personal participation is the key for wellness of body, mind and spirit but knowing what is best for you is the key she provides.  Support and compassion takes on many forms and it is the glue that holds us together.  This is what she provides.

So, why are you looking all over the place, asking everyone, getting tons of answers, spending tons of money that could be used for something else, and not getting results?

Because you have not been asked or shown how to speak what you need or are feeling. Stop, listen, hear, see what you need and then feel if it is right. You will not always be right in the beginning, but you will eventually. Take a leap, learn and try.

Dr. J will listen to where you are, hear what you have been through, and see what is in front of you.  Together, you and Dr. J will sift through all the excess and come up with a plan that supports you, the individual.  Her support will be constant and ever changing as you need it.  Just ask.

Services are available:  in person, telephone, Skype, email and private consultation.  Send a Request.

Take action before hitting the wall.  Your time to explore options may be running out.  Help comes in many forms so if you are feeling the urge to contact me, please do.  You just never know what help might mean to you.  Contact us.