Grocer/Food Delivery Systems

Are you seeing people coming into your stores asking for items you don’t have?  Are you throwing away items every single day?  Are you confused about the changes in the food industry and wish you could just hash it out with someone?

Dr. J is just that person.  She offers a complimentary telephone discussion to listen to all your frustrations.  She will also offer her take on what is going on and what the future is for food sourcing.

Don’t be frustrated or forced into doing something with your business that you have no experience with or even want to do.  Submit a request for help here.  Take a chance, it is free, it is there for the asking.

Over the next several months, we will be talking about stores. What they serve, what they offer, what they add to the food, and what improvements or disappointments are occurring. Food is expensive and it is not wise to throw it out or destroy its healthy content.

If you own a grocery store or other food store and would like to see how you can improve the offerings and sales of healthy food, please email Dr. Gallagher for information about her consulting options.

Consults include:

  • food safety
  • occupational safety
  • consumer safety
  • employee education plans.

It may be great if you offer organic foods, but if your staff does not treat the items correctly, it is an expensive venture that is useless. Food borne illness, work injuries, and the overall picture of your establishment should reflect the owner’s personal mission. Have everyone on board and succeed in producing those results.

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