Medical & Healthcare Providers

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If you are a physician or other healthcare provider, you have some inkling of the concept of being a doctor these days, making you feel like a punching bag.  Got it!  Really, I got it. I so have been there … Read More

Services for Dental Providers

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If you wish to evaluate your practice and are interested in a different viewpoint that may improve your practice, Dr. Gallagher offers several consulting packages. Please email her your concerns:  multiple options can be designed to fit your type of … Read More

Personal Family Health Concern Support

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Don’t know where to turn and need a wellness manager-coach-advocate-advisor? Are you an avid reader of all health books? You see all the new things on the TV and media and try them out? You have recently been diagnosed with … Read More

Dr. Jeanette’s Books & Articles

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Dr. Jeanette has written hundreds of thousands of pages in the last several years and just recently she has been working to put them into books and articles.  Some books are published on Amazon and others are gifts that you … Read More