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Welcome to Alternative Medicine and Wellness Radio! 

If I have directed you to this page, I believe you would be a good fit for the radio show, Dr J Health Radio.  I am currently looking for people who would like to talk about their work, product, mission or purpose in life that others would be interested in who may not cross the path to find you in a brick and mortar business.

Radio shows vary from 30 to 60 minutes to discuss in casual conversation a topic with me, Dr. Jeanette, as an informed host.  Archived shows top 300, listeners top 200k, and we are on iTunesBlog Talk Radio and Pyramid One Network.

To discuss this option with me, visit my websites, any of the ones listed below, see which site and company/resources/product/blog would fit your business.  Then send me an email directly through that website on the contact us page.  Do not worry about which page or blog entry, if after review with you I think another spot would be a better fit, we can do that too.

I do believe it is important to share what is unique in each mission or business with others around the globe (yes, the show is heard by people around the globe, we are not local radio, we are heard everywhere).  We do not live in a vacuum and people crave new ideas and love to share who they are with anyone who will listen.

This is the time to share You with others on the radio.

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, ND  Restaurants, grocers, healthy products, food specialty items, spirituality and life enhancement, medical/dental/alternative healthcare practitioners and professionals.  End of Life, healthcare challenges and medical crisis support, personal plans for quality of life.  Professional information page with writings and resources, Women Over Age 50 group, and Self Respect Program.

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